Kids Dry Snorkel + Mask

Duration: 1 Day to 2 Week Rental Options
Kid Sized
Subject to Availability


  • One Day Rental (24 Hours): $4.99
  • Two Day Rental: $9.98
  • Three Day Rental: $14.97
  • Four Day Rental: $19.96
  • Five Day Rental: $19.99
  • Six Day Rental: $19.99
  • Weekly Rental (7 Days): $19.99
  • Two Week Rental (14 Days): $39.98

Enhance your child’s snorkeling adventure with our Kids Dry Snorkel + Mask rental! Available in flexible rental durations from one day to two weeks, this kid-sized snorkel and mask duo ensures a comfortable and high-performance underwater experience. Perfect for exploring the vibrant Hawaiian sea life, this top-quality equipment provides both comfort and ease of use.

Included in the rental are a Kids Tropic mask and a Kids Dry snorkel, designed to offer the best in snorkel/dive technology. Let your child enjoy the ocean like a pro with this superb snorkel set.

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