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The owner and all of DanielsHawaii team members are passionate about Hawaii, the Hawaiian history and the beauty of the Hawaiian nature. DanielsHawaii shows our guests the beauty of Hawaii as well as raises awareness and cultivate interest in the island’s unique Hawaiian history. Our tours are more than just a bus ride around the islands; it is a personal and intimate look of our island home. Our guests experience Hawaiian hospitality, learn about Hawaiian culture and our employees live ALOHA.


The companies mission is to become the most innovative Tour Company in the Hawaiian Market while educating about Hawaiian history, living ALOHA and making a positive impact on the environment through eco-tourism and sustainability. We take pride in offering exceptional service to all our guests.



Our aim is to extend the genuine and welcoming spirit of Aloha, leaving a lasting impression that surpasses the duration of our guests’ time with us.

Reveal the REAL Hawaii

As Hawaii ambassadors we are unveiling the authentic beauty and richness of Hawaii while ensuring an honest portrayal of our island home.

Educate about Hawaiian Culture & History

Every experience with Daniels Hawaii is an opportunity for our guests to deepen their understanding of Hawaiian culture and history.

Entertain, Enjoy, and Cultivate Friendships

Laughter and joy are essential elements of the Daniels Hawaii experience. We see ourselves as cultural educators, cultivating friendships along the way.

Create Lifetime Memories

Our goal is to elevate every moment from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We want to create memories that last a lifetime.


As a young boy, Daniel Hildebrandt traveled from Germany to Hawaii with his parents to vacation. He fell in love with the Hawaiians, the ALOHA, the Culture and the beautiful nature of Hawaii. He told his parents as a 12 year old kid; “I’m gonna live in Hawaii some day”. Nearly 25 years later, he found a job in Hawaii and moved to Oahu.

After working in an office for the first two years after his move, Daniel realised he needed to be outside to enjoy the REAL Hawaii. “I didn’t move to Hawaii to sit in an office. I already did that in Germany”. With the last money Daniel had in his Bank Account, he bought an old Town& Country Mini Van; Rusty, No Leather… but that was all he could afford the down payment for. Hungry to succeed he started driving tours, targeting the German tourists. It didn’t take long to find out that this very small niche wouldn’t pay the bills.

After a few months Daniel started to offer english tours on Viator, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide and through his own websites DanielsHawaii.de and DanielsHawaii.com. Hawaii helped him succeed. The ALOHA Spirit was everywhere he went.  With a little bit of help and a lot of dedication, Daniel grew the Company into what it is today – One of the best rated Tour ACompanies on Oahu!